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14 February Memorial of Sts Cyril, Monk and Methodius, Bishop.

Jas 1:1-11/Ps 119:67,68,71,72,75,76/Mark 8:11-13.

Rev Fr Peter Paul

Theme: Seek faith not miracles.

We celebrate today two brothers, Cyril and Methodius, who gave their all to the service of the Lord. St Cyril(d. 869) and Methodius(d. 885) evangelized Moravia, Bohemia, and Bulgaria. Methodius was consecrated bishop by Pope Adrian II. Pope John Paul II proclaimed these brothers Patrons of Europe along with St. Benedict.

We learn their sacrificial collaboration and focus. They were unrelenting in their ministry in witnessing to the Lord by word and deed.

In their ministry, one thing is a phenomenon, their attitude of prayer. Let's learn to do all things with and in prayer.

The only panacea to trials is prayer. When we pray we are able to withstand and resist every temptation. Prayer builds up some immunity in us to be able to overcome temptation.

Our prayer is fruitless without faith. This faith thrives on the wheels of humility, perseverance, and trust.

Lack of faith always leads us to religious prostitution. Like the Pharisees who seek a sign as a means of belief. It must be our prayer that miracles follow our prayers and miracles must never be condition precedent to our belief in Jesus.

We pray for the grace of unwavering faith in the Lord. May He bless and keep us all.

We pray for God's grace for all seeking job employment. God loves you precious one.

Have a fruitful day.

+Padre Petros Paulos+

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