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17 February Thursday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time.

James 2:1-9/Ps 34:2-3,4-5,6-7/Mark 8:27-33.


Theme: Divine thoughts

Jesus always draws our attention to celestial thoughts. We must think as God thinks and not as human beings. God looks at the heart and not appearance(1Sam 16:7). Because "appearances are deceptive". In other words, "Not all that glitters is golden".

Divine thinking is accepting the will of God in faith and trust. We may not understand but all we need is to trustingly obey. This is faith.

Divine thinking is putting God first in all we do. God must be preeminent and first in all things. Jesus tells Peter to get behind to teach us that we must let God be God and allow him to talk the lead. God must take precedence in all our endeavours.

Sociologists opine that there is no classless society. That is to postulate that stratification is inevitable and functional.

Stratification is not discrimination. We need order in society. There are definitely rich and poor people; Bourgeoisie and proletariat.

We must treat all equally. However, we must not sacrifice orderliness on the altar of equality. This only stalls development and orderliness.

Let us treat all equally not according to class, tribe, educational and financial background. But let us treat all as human beings with dignity and love.

The Lord hears the cry of the poor. The poor is the humble who acknowledges and admits the need of God and trust totally in the providential grace of God.

We pray for God's grace to think as God thinks. May He bless and keep us all.

We pray for God's grace for those experiencing delayed and unsuccessful pregnancies. God loves you precious one.

Have a hearty day.

+Padre Petros Paulos+

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