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4 February Friday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time. Sir 47:2-11/Ps 18:31,47,50,51/Mark 6:14-29.

Theme: Humility; light for right decisions.

Rev Fr Peter Paul

Sometimes, we are unaware of the repercussions of our actions and inactions. We least expect the rippling effects of some pronouncement of ours. At the verge of committing to actions such beautiful thoughts of ours, we need to ask ourselves whether or not it is for the common good of all or our own parochial needs or to simply to please others.

Let us not chart the path of committing deeds with our own whims and caprices and with impunity just because we have the power or platform to do so.

We need humility to rescind our nefarious decisions. Any decision that is not for the interest of the other person must be nibbed in the bud.

We are not weak or bad leaders when we rescind our decisions that are diabolically malicious or bend the knees of our hearts to eat our words. We become better and courageously firm leaders when the right the wrong of our actions. We set the pace for others to chart the path of forthrightness and firm leadership. This is humility.

This is the secret of David's glories. He slew Goliath by God's invincible(five smooth stones). He relied on the strength and potent power of God. Humility is simply acknowledging and admitting our nothingness before God and our total dependence and trust on God's superabundant grace.

The girl was humble enough to go to the mother for advice. Yet, the mother misled the girl into leading the King for such a heinous crime. Never allow yourself to be used as a bait for a crime. Never also be an accomplice for an evil.

Let us be humble to forgive one another. Never harbour grudges. We are always on the road of seeking opportunities to strike.

We pray for the grace of courage correct the wrongs of others instead of yielding and watching gleefully with gleeful glee while others commit atrocities.

We pray for God's journey mercies for all travelers. God loves you precious one.

Have a blessed day.

+Padre Petros Paulos+

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