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7 March Monday of the First Week of Lent. Lev 19:1-2,11-18/Ps 19:8,9,10,15/Matt 25:31-46.

Theme: Call to holiness.

Jesus gives us love as the yardstick for the entry the Kingdom of Heaven. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that our ordinary existential duties are to know God, love and serve him and through this experience the beatific vision.

Today, the gospel pericope gives us the practical demonstration and expression of love. Love must be expressed in good deeds. These deeds, the Church calls corporal works of mercy.

We must love one another. We must share our bread. We must of a necessity feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, welcome strangers, clothe the naked, visit the sick, visit the imprisoned. We must sensitive to the plight of people and come swiftly to their aid. We come into contact with these people each day of our lives. Sometimes, we refuse to help because of mistrust. Never be blinded by mistrust only to escape the genuine ones who need our care and tenderness, helping hand.

One of the powerful tool of help is smile. Smile is free. Let's offer our free smile to the afflicted, the sick and even those who are hungry. Infectious smile is therapeutic. Through our infectious smile, our world may be healed.

God calls us to holiness in our first reading. Indeed, this is our vocation. Holiness is love in action. Holiness is nothing but love of God and neighbour.

Our Lenten observance must make us holy. It must make us grow in our corporal works of mercy. These corporal works of mercy are the path to holiness and are the standard for entry of the Kingdom of God. We are blessed when we chart these paths of holiness.

We pray for the grace to always seek to love one another. May He bless and keep us all.

We pray for God's grace for those seeking job employment. God loves you precious one.

Have a blessed day.

+Padre Petros Paulos+

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