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ST BERLINDA: Patroness of Trees and invoked against Cow Diseases February 4

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

ST BERLINDA Patroness of Trees and invoked against Cow Diseases

Berlinda is a Greek name meaning Warrior

St Berlinda was born in the 7th century in Belgium. She was the daughter of a nobleman, Odelard,who lived at Meerbeeke, near Mirore, in Brabant, in the region of Dagobert. She had gifts of intellect, unlike many saints, but like many female saints, she was beautiful and yet was disliked by her father. Being disinherited, she entered the monastery of the Benedictine convert of St Marys at Moorsel near Alost, Belgium, where she lived in penitence and prayer. After her father's death, she returned to Meerbeeke, where she was retained. Here, she continued her life of austerities until her death on February 3.

Miracles are said to happen at her tomb, her coffin was petrified. A church was built in her honour and her relics were enshrined on May 2, 728. She is greatly honoured at Meerbeeke and is invoked against cattle diseases. She is depicted in drawings with a cow standing beside her.

According to popular saying, St Berlinda protect trees transplanted on her feast days. She is acknowledged in the martyrologies of Wyong, Menardus, Ferrarius and Molanus.

Anytime you feel rejected or unwanted by those who should love you, think of St Berlinda. Many young people, especially young women loose their way in life because they were rejected or abused by their families especially their fathers. She could have gone wayward but she chose God. Never feel that God too will reject you because man has. Be assured of God's love through this Saint and may she intercede on behalf of all young people in this world who are left alone on their own even when they have families. That the good Lord who knows each person before he or she was conceived, will fill their empty hearts with Himself and guide them in their lives journey. Amen 🙏🏾

St Berlinda, pray for us. Amen happy feast day to all Berlinda.


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