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STS CYRIL AND METHODIUS Patrons of Moravia. February 14

Cyril is of Greek origin as Kyrillos derived from Kyrios means Lord

Methodius is originally Greek then Latin derived from Methodos means Pursuit or Method

The two brothers, Cyril and Methodius, belonged to a senatorial family of Thessalonica, but their mother was a Slav. Cyril went to Constantinople, where he was ordained a priest and taught philosophy in the university, and defended the Gospel of Christ. The older brother, Methodius, after being governor of one of the Slav colonies, became the Abbot of a monastery in Greece.

In 862 AD, Rastislav, the Prince of Moravia, asked the Emperor, Michael III, to send him Christian missionaries to teach his people in their own language. The two brothers were sent to the court of Ratislav at Velehrad.

They journeyed to Rome bringing with them the relics of Pope St Clement. Pope Adrian II consecrated them Bishops and approved the use of the Liturgy in the Slavonic tongue.

Cyril died in Rome and Methodius continued the apostolate with success in Moravia, Bohemia, Poland, and the neighbouring countries. He introduced the Slav alphabet and translated the Holy Scriptures into the Slavonic language.

He died in Moravia, on April 6, 885 AD. Sts Cyril and Methodius are honoured as the Apostles of the Slavs.

May the sacrifices and toils of these two selfless brothers help us to build our own faith in Christ. And may they continue to pray for us. Amen 🙏🏾

Happy feast day to all Cyril and Methodius. Sts Cyril and Methodius, pray for us. Amen


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